I've been to the ends of the world and back. I even lived in Hong Kong for a while - amazing place. And of course, so has my writing.


at a time

The Hotel Game

A creative piece on holiday booking and travel thought leadership through the guise of Monopoly  more  

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Some snappy advertisements I created for Royal Caribbean Cruises  more  

Celebrity Cruises - Airwaves Selling Guide

This is a selling guide guide detailing the easiest way to book using Celebrity Cruises  more  

Celebrity Cruises - Email Newsletter

An email newsletter I created for Celebrity Cruises for January 2018  more  

Celebrity Cruises - Vista Magazine

Vista Magazine was published for Celebrity Cruises exclusive Captain's Club.   more  

Celebrity Cruises - Leave London Behind

Two beautiful ads I created for Celebrity Cruise's Leave London Behind campaign  more  

Celebrity Cruises - 48 Sheets

48 sheet advertisements for Celebrity Cruises  more  

Celebrity Cruises - Jet Set Sail

A brochure designed for Celebrity Cruises Jet Set Sail campaign  more  

Celebrity Cruises - Travelator

An inviting brochure showcasing the incredible Mediterranean locations on offer with Celebrity Cruises   more  

Celebrity Cruises - X Ads

These are ads created for the iconic "X" that is the mark of modern luxury used by Celebrity Cruises  more