Last year, I earned the enviable honour of winning the Spearhead Whisky tender. Guys, without coming across all sycophantic, I have to say – what a joy it’s been working with you both online and offline.


Before I go any further, you’re probably thinking ‘not another egotistical writer boasting about winning one of zillions of so many whisky pitches out there’ – well yeah, kind of; but more importantly, within a year, this ‘Single Grain’ maverick of a Scotch went on to win not just one or two, but three gold medal awards. THREE.


So why did these chaps of the stalwart Loch Lomond Distillers choose me, a freelancer up against some of the biggest boys in the industry, including Leith? Aside from cost, it may have been due to writing and launching the once unheard of, Edinburgh Gin. Or it could be on the back of penning many an ad for Macallan, Glenfarclas, Glenrothes… dare I say it though, they got the right writer. Yet unlike those well-established conglomerates – Spearhead Whisky was (I repeat WAS) a mere blip in the big bad, cut-throat world of whisky. Within one year, they changed all that.


And the gold medal (well in fact three gold medals) go to Spearhead Whisky:

Winner of Scottish Whisky Awards
Winner of World Whiskies Award by Whisky Magazine
Winner of Best in Category for WWA


Hey whisky lovers – if that doesn’t tempt your tastebuds, nothing will.


Whisky (especially the more decorated drams) is often referred to as Liquid Gold. We’d never talk like that though. We’re far too humble. But then, after our triumphant win, I’d say we’ve a wee bit more of a reason to brag.


Spearhead Whisky is single grain whisky’s NEW gold standard.


Grab yourself a bottle at before the aficionados beat you to it.