Halloween is soo last year.

Glenrothes. Slightly smoky. Not spooky.


Let’s raise a glass to the drinks industry.

One of my favourite sectors to write for, and perhaps sample some wares. And as it’s Halloween I’d like to dedicate this post to a frightfully good dram. The Glenrothes 13YO. I’d like to thank Edrington to allow me to work on a mock television commercial, with the star being The Glenrothes 13YO single malt. I say ‘mock’, as this is the first in the last three years that Glenrothes has chosen not to bottle a limited edition 13YO. So here’s to our imaginary Single Malt friend.


Glenrothes Jim Campbell Copywriter





I want to pay lip service to the whisky’s wonderful first fill sherry barrels – they appear as ‘wooden drums’ that beat with complex ‘notes’. And also tie in the paganism associated with Halloween. Particularly Scottish paganism. So I’m suggesting a short crudely-cutout-wooden-print-animation (like lino, only in wood) which mirror my carefully chosen rhythmic words.




Hush, the Real Halloween is here


MVO (gritty, self assured, perhaps Dougray Scott)

Welcome back to that time of year

Please, relax, you’ve nothing to fear

The shock is natural with every taste

Take your time… no need for haste


Over thirteen years a lot can change

Is a slight smokiness a little strange?

Not for the Real Halloween

Where nothing is quite what it seems


At last, the wooden drums beat

And for lesser malts that can’t compete

With notes that give a deep, dark sound

And a flavour that breaks new ground


Forgettable spirits can slide aside

The Real Halloween is a Scottish pride

Our creation of this demonic delicacy

The result of a thirteen year old recipe



The Glenrothes Speyside Single Malt Whisky. Est. 1879 theglenrothes.com


Buy now. But beware, it bites.